"My driving experience with Mr. Wright was more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. Mr. Wright's patience, kindness, flexibility, and knowledge of driving transformed me into a confident and informed driver. Before driving with Mr. Wright I was nervous to travel on simple back roads. Each time driving with Mr. Wright raised my confidence and allowed me to become more comfortable on the road. This experience forced me to face all sorts of driving circumstances that I would have other wise been too scared to face. I can not thank Mr. Wright enough for helping me become the driver I am today!"
- Emma Spisak

“At first, I was frightened by the thought of grabbing the wheel first-hand. However with the help of Mr. Wright, everything came naturally and easily. Each step to good driving habits were thoroughly explained and what not to do was as well. Taking Mr. Wright’s driving school program was my best decision yet.”
- Bryon Malone

Driving with Mr. Wright was a great experience. As the sessions went on, I got more and more comfortable with driving. When I was ready to take the test, I was completely confident in my abilities and the skills Mr. Wright had instilled in me.
- Kevin Ballentine